W & DS Twinned Community In Israel

Emet veShalom Nahariya, ISRAEL

Emet veShalom was established in 1963 by a group of people, mainly immigrants from Germany and Central Europe, who sought a more liberal form of Judaism in Nahariya. Emet veShalom is the only non-orthodox synagogue in Nahariya following the closing of the conservative synagogue over five years ago.

Rabbi Israel Horowitz is the rabbi of the community. He and his wife Rachel made aliyah in July 2003. He joined Congregation Emet V’Shalom as its spiritual leader as of the High Holidays 2003.

He has a rich background as a Cantor and a Rabbi; he has been a Cantor for 38 years and a Rabbi for 16 years. He was originally ordained in Argentina and he was ordained in 2004 by the Council of Progressive Rabbis in Israel (MARAM).

W & DS has been twinned with the community for more than 5 years. To visit their web site and find our more about them click on the link.

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