Family Services

We believe that  our children are our future. We have a lot of kids in the community and many members with young families, but there’s always room for more. All members of the family are welcome to attend our regular services as a family.  And, of course, we have a healthy dose of B’nei Mitzvot throughout the year.

We also have scheduled Friday evening services and a monthly Shabbat morning “Shabbat Club” which are specially designed for children (and their hangers on – otherwise known as parents and grandparents):

Saturday morning Shabbat Club & Birthday Blessings: service at 11am followed by a healthy Kiddush! Click here for more details.

Friday night Family Service and Chavurah Supper; Service at 6pm; supper at 7.00pm; home at 8.15pm.

Our Friday night Family Service is followed by a friendly chavurah supper.

If you’ve never been before, please do join us and get a chance to meet new people.  If you haven’t been in a while then it is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends.  Children of all ages are welcome and they all get a chance to participate and play together afterwards.

To sign up for our Young Families newsletter with service, event and festival information, please click here.

For more information on Shabbat Club contact Anne or Connor by emailing

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