Council For Christians And Jews

The national Council of Christians and Jews was founded in 1942 by the then Archbishop of Canterbury and Chief Rabbi partly to combat anti-semitism but mainly to inform each religion of the beliefs and history of the other. The CCJ is neither a missionary nor a political organisation.

The Wimbledon Council has been in existence for some forty years, with membership drawn from local synagogues and parishes and local politicians.  Two co-chairs, one Christian and Jewish chair, lead our local branch, and the committee is equally balanced. Our rabbi, Rabbi Adrian Schell is the Jewish co-chair for the 2022/23 term.

We meet several times a year, in the synagogue and in various local churches, to discuss matters of mutual interest with speakers from both faiths. Non-members are welcome at all our meetings, which are advertised on the synagogue noticeboards, in our newsletters and in our magazine Kehillah.

We would welcome further members from the synagogue. Please contact us for details by clicking here.

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