Adult Education

In addition to our educational programme for children, The Wimbledon Synagogue offers a diverse and stimulating programme of Adult Education courses, cultural activities, workshops and lectures. Including

  • Lunch & Learn when we study the Bible
  • Tuesday morning Art & Literature
  • Fun Bridge
  • Music in Society
  • Yiddish
  • Scrabble
  • Rabbi led Talmud discussion class
  • Philatelic group
  • Talks and lectures from outside speakers on a wide variety of topics
  • Theatre outings
  • Film showings of Jewish interest, Israeli films and general films
  • Outings to places of Jewish and general interest in and around London

To find out about the current programme please contact the office – click here for the contact page.

For more details see under the relevant heading here or in the ‘Our Community’ pages.


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