Our Library

The Synagogue is fortunate to have the David Nathan Library and the Harry Urban Holocaust Library, as well as a children’s book collection

Both the main libraries have been created by the generosity of past members. The David Nathan Library houses nearly 2,000 books covering Judaism, Israel, History, Biography, Fiction etc while the Harry Urban Holocaust Library concentrates on the personal stories of survivors of the Shoah.

As part of the Synagogue library lending service we now have more than 150 DVD’s which are available for loan, the majority of which have a Jewish theme. Recent additions include: ” La Grande Illusion”  film of World War 1 with Jean Gabin and Erich von Stroheim, “The Flat” an Israeli film,” The White Rose” about Sophie Scholl and her brother and a French documentary film about the Dreyfus Affair

A Bob Shafritz Memorial Fund donation has allowed the purchase of up-to-date dedicated software for the library PC and to obtain a machine to make the catalogue book labels.

We catalogue the collection using the Classification System for Libraries of Judaica employed by Leo Baeck College. To catalogue all the books in the Synagogue is a major task for the Synagogue Librarian and the dedicated volunteers who assist.

You can view the entire current library catalogue in pdf format by  clicking on this link: Library catalogue.

Once the PDF is open you can search for title, part of title and author or part of authors name by pressing control F on your keyboard and entering your required search criteria.

Currently the Librarian and the volunteers work usually on a Tuesday morning. Those wishing to discuss books and take them out can check with the Synagogue office to confirm when the library is staffed. Synagogue members are welcome to come in for coffee and chat with the librarian or meet with friends.

When the library is not staffed books can be withdrawn and a withdrawal form completed.

For more information contact the Librarian by clicking here.

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