In common with all forms of Judaism, the Synagogue is central to communal activities. Shabbat services, communal prayer, Jewish fesitvals, personal reflections, family celebrations, and education – from Cheder to lifelong learning – all this and more takes place within our Shul.

At the Wimbledon Synagogue we have a regular programme of Shabbat and festival services. Unless otherwise stated, all services are currently being held in-person. We also live stream most of our services which can be viewed on YouTube page.

Whether you are already familiar and proficient with our services or just beginning our rabbis and lay leaders offer engaging prayer opportunities highlighted with meaningful insight and music for our congregation.

We try to make our services as inclusive as possible, and those who attend regularly are accustomed to being invited to read, in either Hebrew or English.

Our range of services offer variety and provide many opportunities to explore judaism – what it means to be jewish, the history of our faith, our relationship with Israel, and how to make judaism relevant in a modern multi-facet world.

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