Children’s Services Resources

Over the years, members of our congregation have invested many hours in devising materials for children’s services.  This hard work has been greatly appreciated by many generations of children and their parents in our community.

Now we want to share some of these materials with other congregations.

So on these pages you can access our resources for use within your own community if you want to.  We provide them entirely free of charge and for your use.  Just please tell people where you got them.

To open the files click on the emboldened title.  They are all in pdf format.

The Shabbat Club Siddur is used for the monthly Shabbat morning services aimed at 0-7 year olds held at The Wimbledon Synagogue.

The Rosh Hashana Service 4 to 7 years olds combines a facsimile of the adult service, but in an accessible, interesting and fun format for younger children.

The Yom Kippur Service 4 to 7 year olds seeks to work in the same way as the Rosh H’Shonah service, but also tries to capture a little of the solemnity of the day without it being too ‘heavy’ for young minds.

The Rosh H’Shonah Machzor for 8 to 12 years olds takes on more of the themes from the adult service, has a more structured approach and tries to fully prepare children for the service they will see when they join the adult congregation.

The Yom Kippur Service 8 to 12 Year Olds works in a similar way to our Rosh H’Shonah service and has the same aims.

A Purim Play For Children was written for our community by Ricky Coussins, a member of our community.  It is very much a light hearted Purim Spiel, based on the Megillah (but without some of the more violent bits) and was performed by members of the community in a Pantomime format with Esther as a Dame, played by a man and Moredchai by a woman.  It is meant to be corny, full of bad and ‘borrowed’ gags and just lots of fun for kids and their parents.

Do you have materials to share?

If you too have similar material you would like to share (free of copyright and free of charge of course) with us and others we would be most grateful.  Please click here to send them via email and we will post them to the site whenever we can.

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