Office & Admin

Our office is staffed from 9.00 to 2.00 Monday to Friday and is closed for all public holidays as well as the high holydays.

Our efficient and hardworking administration team consists of two part time professional staff, supported from time to time by a volunteer workforce.

Amongst many other responsibilities the office staff take care of subscriptions and membership enquiries, day to day administration issues, yahrzeit dates,bereavements but we will do anything to help if we can.

If you need to contact our administration team then you can call them at the office during office hours on 020 8946 4836 or you can send an email to

To find all our other contact information please click here.

We do ask that you visit other pages on this web site before contacting the office if it is about  our religion school or other educational activities (Education pages). You should find answers to most questions you may have there or elsewhere on this site and it will save the office valuable time.

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