Major Life Events

At moments of transition, whether celebrating or in need of support, community matters

A congregational community affords everyone the sacred privilege of participation in each other’s lives. We welcome new lives through birth. We celebrate marriage. We confront illness and loss and all of this we do together. Knowing that we are not alone imbues these experiences with meaning.

Families come in all shapes and sizes – you may be Jewish but your partner may not; you could be in a mixed or same sex relationship; your family could span one, two, three or four generations. Home, family and sharing life-events with family, friends & community are central to Judaism. We want to maintain Jewish traditions while adapting to the dynamics of modern life.

The following pages deal with major life events and provide useful information about how we, historically and now as Reform Jews, approach these rites of passage.

You will find useful information to help you understand what these events are, what happens and how you might deal with them as someone who is directly involved or who is a friend of someone directly involved. These pages also contain useful links.