Shabbat morning services

All Shabbat services begin at 10.30am. We aim to finish by 12.10. We follow a fairly traditional Reform service and use the Reform Judaism’s prayer book which features lots of explanations about the service.  The service is followed by a kiddush, with (unarguably) the best chocolate brownies this side of the Thames.

Whilst we are in the inter-regnum between rabbis, services are taken either by our troupe of lay readers or a guest rabbi. Depending on the service taker, music might be community-led, choir led, or with an organ.

Most months, we feature a variety of service types, e.g.

Choir service: where the music will be led by the members-choir

Shorter service: starting at 10.30 but aiming to be wrapped up by 11.30. This is a great service for families to come to.

Torah breakfasts typically take place before the shorter services, beginning at 9.15 am. Come with your brain engaged and your stomach ready for a bagel.

Getting involved in services

OK, so you’ve been to a service or two and quite enjoyed it and now want to get involved. There are lots of ways to do that.

Getting involved can take many forms:

Performing a mitzvah (be it reading English, a Hebrew blessing, carrying the Torah scroll or opening the Ark)

Taking part of the service

Joining the choir

Helping with Shabbat Club for the kids

We might (sometimes) look competent, but we’re always looking for new volunteers and are delighted to teach you how to perform a mitzvah if you haven’t done it before.

If you want to get (more) involved in any aspect of the service, please just talk to one of the Wardens and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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