Faith In Action

As a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, Faith in Action Merton (FiA)  aims to provide support, information and assistance to homeless or precariously housed individuals, including those with addictive behaviours, who are generally ‘harder to reach’ and for whom there are currently gaps in service provision.

Every Wednesday and Friday throughout the year, FiA runs a Homeless Drop-in Centre with the help of volunteers. On average, 60+ homeless and vulnerable people attend each session. As well as a warm and friendly welcome they can get breakfast, a high-quality hot lunch, internet access, and help with moving on.  Every winter the group also works collaboratively with the Winter Night Shelter hosted by various religious communities in the area.

The Wimbledon Synagogue is a firm supporter of both the Winter Night Shelters and the Faith in Action Merton Homelessness Project. We are one of the faith groups who run a Night Shelter and many of our members make up a core of the highly committed drop-in centre volunteers.

To find out more about Faith In Action visit their web site by clicking here or how you can get involved by clicking here.

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