Legacy Giving

“I found a fruitful world because my ancestors planted it for me. Likewise, I am planting this carob tree for my descendants.”

Talmud Ta’anit 23a

Supporting your Synagogue into the Future
I love the bar and bat mitzvahs we have in shul. A kid who was a little scamp is suddenly transformed into a serious and thoughtful young person, with the confidence to address the community with their thoughts on their portion, ethical issues and life. Just as important, they take pride in leading parts of the service, showing their comfort with and confidence in their religious heritage. You know they are really on the threshold of adulthood as they watch the children scrabbling around for as many sweets as they can grab and they don’t join in! Their parents always raise a laugh when they thank God for absolving us for the responsibility for this one. And for me the most positive aspect is the reassurance that the next generation of children with their parents are coming forward to continue our traditions, participate in the community, maintaining the unbroken chain of Jewish continuity.

The warmth of our community, the leadership of our Rabbi and lay leaders, our heder, care and education activities, the contribution of so many members who give unstintingly of their time, energy and dedication and our beautiful large building and grounds, all these play their part in keeping our synagogue community vibrant and attractive.

Welcoming new members, those interested in joining the Jewish people and the wider community who visit through interfaith activities, school visits, talks and communal celebrations are so important. I am sure all of us want to believe that this will continue into the future so that the next generations will continue to be able to participate in a Progressive Jewish life south of the river. And there is an
important way in which you can help to secure this future. By remembering Wimbledon synagogue in your will.

If you are writing your will or amending it or if this article prompts you not to put it off for another day, please do consider including us in your will. Whether you wish to leave a specific amount, a percentage of what is left after your specific bequests have been fulfilled, or there is an item of value you wish the synagogue to benefit from, all these would make a big difference to the future of the synagogue. For many charities, legacies are an important part of the necessary income, but also they can enable important developments in the work of the synagogue.

One of the items on the current wish list is resources for a rabbinic house so that we can offer appropriate
accommodation in what is prohibitively expensive housing market. This would make a big difference in rabbinic retention and recruitment. It is something which a larger bequest or a number of smaller bequests could make possible.

If you need assistance with any aspect of writing a will, we have drawn up a small list of local and national lawyers who would be happy to provide their services in drawing up a will or codicil. If you have any issues or ideas you would like to discuss with the synagogue in relation to your will, please do not hesitate to contact us. Jackie Penn in the office will be able to pit you in contact with an appropriate person.

Judy Weleminsky

Remember us in your will

Including our synagogue in your estate planning is a meaningful way to create a lasting legacy that will benefit our community for years to come. It is also an effective way to realise tax savings for your estate, while at the same time helping our community and fulfilling the mitzvah to give tzedakah.

From Generation to Generation

Every year, our synagogue offers a rich calendar of religious services to our members and visitors, which include services for families with toddlers, for families with older children and for young adults.  We also offer regular adult education events, a cheder school attended by 100 children, youth camps and clubs. In addition, we provide a care worker to support our members.

All of this is only possible because of the generosity of our members.

When you are writing of revising your will, you will be thinking about your contribution to the future. Please consider leaving a gift or a portion of your estate, to the Shul. If you are interested in leaving a legacy to our Shul and need any advice, do get in touch with Jackie Penn (jackie@wimshul.org / 0208 946 4836).

Although our community continues to grow from strength to strength, we cannot build on these strong foundations with membership fees alone.

Your gift will help us to: 

  • Continue as a flagship synagogue of Progressive Judaism in South London
  • Enrich Jewish life across our whole congregation and beyond
  • Maintain, restore and improve our wonderful Synagogue building
  • Provide vital Social Care support
  • Continue our tradition of helping others in need
  • Preserve and enhance our ties with our neighbours and the wider community

You can direct your gift to specific areas or leave your legacy for general purposes.

Type of Legacy

You should discuss this gift with your family and your solicitor. You could  decide to leave: 

  • A share of your estate (residuary gift)

This is a percentage of what remains of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. One of the advantages of residuary legacy is that it will always stay in proportion, because it is a percentage.
e.g. “I leave the residue of my estate to the The Wimbledon and District Synagogue…”

  • A cash gift (pecuniary gift)

This is when you leave a set amount of money.
e.g. “I leave the sum of £XXX to the The Wimbledon and District Synagogue…”

  • A Specific Gift

This is when you leave a gift that’s not money – like a house, artwork or a car, for example.
e.g. “I leave the following items to the The Wimbledon and District Synagogue (list items)…”

  • Specific project or fund

This is a gift for a specific project (e.g. endowment or scholarship) or to establish a new permanent fund (e.g. memorial or education fund). For more information about various funds, please contact Jackie Penn, at Jackie@Wimshul.org
e.g. “I leave the sum of £XXX to the The Wimbledon and District Synagogue for the purposes of…”

Please ensure that whichever text you choose is followed by:
“…whose registered office is situated at 1 Queensmere Road, London SW19 5QD (Registered Charity No: 1150678).”