We have an active choir at The Wimbledon Synagogue and they produce a wonderful sound which is very spiritual. The choir sing at some Shabbat services, usually at the request of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrant (for which a small donation is requested). The choir also make a major contribution to the overall spirituality of the High Holyday services, singing many of the traditional melodies in the liturgy and always lifting the congregation’s prayers and thoughts. Because they are both members and congregants, their singing adds a special dimension and value which has to be heard to be fully experienced.

The choir has represented the Synagogue at multi-faith events, putting on several concerts with St. Mary’s Wimbledon church choir.

The choir has also given a number of charity concerts in the synagogue over the past few years.

We have approximately 30 choristers. Music reading is not an essential qualification for membership. In fact about 60-70% of the members do not read music at all so learning tapes are available for those who need them. No audition is required for entry to the choir.  As our choir leader says ‘Only a love of singing, enthusiasm, regular attendance at rehearsals and an aspiration to high standards are the key elements in the model amateur chorister and new members are always welcome.’ To find out how you could join click here.

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