Each year at the Synagogue Annual General Meeting (usually held in November), the members present elect a Council of up to 15 members who take responsibility for a variety of roles on behalf of the membership. When there are fewer than 15 candidates there is no election.

The Council then elects its officers, being Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Senior Warden. Any member of the community is welcome to attend council to observe. Council meetings are advertised in the synagogue magazine, ‘Kehillah.’


Other council members and officers are:

  • Robert Glaser- Chairman
  • Yvonne Mason – Hon Secretary
  • Sharon Coussins-Hon Secreary
  • Stella Mason – Senior Warden
  • Tony Salem– Hon Treasurer
  • Robert Glaser – Security
  • Susan Bennett-
  • Hilary Leek-Care Group
  • Jack Steinert – Adult Education
  • Ruth Bragman – Social Events Group
  • Camilla Mcgill – Membership Group
  • Wendy Levy –
  • Julian Hunt
  • Lysbeth Fox

Representatives on the Board of Deputies

  • Martin Raven
  • Lawrence Jacobson

New representatives  Martin & Lawrence will take over in May 2121.

We have 2 Vice Presidents, Anton Fishman and Andrew Arwas who attend Council and the Executive.

The Council is formed into or liaises with working groups as follows:

Committee Chair Meeting frequency Role of committee
Care Group


Hilary Leek Quarterly The Care Group will decide who in the community may need extra support and agree and deliver this.


Adult Education


Stella Mason (temporary)


Michael Kelion

One per term Education includes Cheder, youth education. adult education, and education of the wider community (which includes school visits).


Ruth Bragman 6 weekly To organise programmes and events for all members of the community of an entertaining and interesting nature and to ensure there are funds raised for the benefit of the Synagogue and occasionally any other specifically-named charity.


Treasurer Twice per year To review Synagogue Finances,

and the budget prepared by the Treasurer and recommend subscription levels.



Judy Weleminsky 3 times per year To raise the profile of and engagement with Israel throughout all the activities,

communications and presentation of the synagogue community.

Members’ group


Judith Ish-Horowicz

Camilla McGill

Wendy Levy

3 times per year To hear the voices of the membership and of prospective members
Planning for Judaism


Senior Warden 1-2 monthly The lead body that looks after the ritual affairs of the Synagogue


Additional responsibilities

The Synagogue office supports the Council and committees with responsibilities which include new members, social functions, youth, pastoral care and member communications.  The office has a direct relationship with the marketing of the synagogue which includes lettings, PR, website, research and fundraising.  Contact for communications, Ruth Bragman for Events and Judith Ish Horowitz ,Camilla McGill and Wendy Levy for membership.

Responsibility for Operations and Infrastructure which includes premises, the Synagogue building infrastructure, hospitality and security is taken by members of Council .

Most of the working groups are led by a Council member, but can (and ideally should) involve community members who are both Council and non-Council members. Anyone can take on a portfolio within the working group, take on part responsibility, or an interim role.

The working groups are, of course, subordinate to the elected Council. Council members may be involved in many of the working groups and do not have to lead any of them, but each Council member will be a member of at least one working group unless they have the express agreement of the Council not to be an active working group participant or they have a role/responsibility that falls outside of these working groups (e.g. Council Chairman).

The working groups produce reports to Council that minute each of their meetings whenever they take place and capture the progress on actions and activities.

Copies of all Council meeting minutes (once signed off by Council) and the reports of the working groups are available on application to the Synagogue office.