School Visits

School Visits

Sadly during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions we have been unable to welcome students and teachers into our synagogue.. We are now, however, proud to announce that we have created a digital version of our school visit.

 Our school visits video covers the majority of the information that we would usually include in an ‘in-person’ visit, such as the features of a synagogue, the importance and content of Torah, and a demonstration of how Shabbat is celebrated in a Jewish home.

 We believe the best learning comes from questioning, and so we are offering a digital event with students, where we can show our video and provide the opportunity for students to ask us questions in real time. We have a Zoom account on which we can facilitate this, however we are able to work with you to provide this ‘digital visit’ on another digital platform if necessary.

 In addition to this, we have created comprehensive teacher notes for the digital visit which will be sent to participating schools in advance of their session. We alos have a number of freely downloadable teaching resources on a variety of Jewish topics which can be found on this website.(http://www.wimshul.org/education/school-visits/additional-resources-for-teachers/

 We understand that teachers are under incredible pressure at the moment, but believe that now more than ever, when children are unable to meet a wider range of people in their daily lives, interfaith learning is of the utmost importance. We hope that by providing the opportunity to talk to Jewish people and learn about ‘living Judaism’, we can help to break down fear and prejudice, by fostering understanding and good relations with those parts of the non-Jewish world that our team can reach.

 If you would like to discuss this further, or would like to book a digital school visit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Email schoolvisits@wimshul.org