Rabbi Adrian’s Induction

Rabbi Hammond, MP Putney Fleur Anderson, Rabbi Avidan, Bishop of Southwark, MP Wimbledon Stephen Hammond, Charge d’Affaires Julia Gross & husband, Rabbi Schell, Rabbi Smith, Bishop of Kingston, Mayor of Merton, Rabbi Shillor
*Photograph Credit: simonjoseph.com

Wimbledon, London 20th February – over 150 guests attended the prestigious ceremony held at The Wimbledon Synagogue to celebrate the induction of Rabbi Adrian Schell. In attendance were 10 Rabbis, 4 of whom had previously held the same posts at The Wimbledon Synagogue as well as VIP guests including the German Charge d’Affaires Julia Gross, Bishop of Southwark & Bishop of Kingston, MP for Wimbledon Stephen Hammond & MP for Putney Fleur Anderson, Mayor of Merton Cllr. Michael Brunt, as well local clergy and representatives of various Jewish Committees.
The Wimbledon Synagogue, the largest in South London, welcomed Rabbi Adrian Schell as their newly appointed Rabbi in November 2020, however due to Covid restrictions, the official induction ceremony was postponed until 20th February 2022. Rabbi Schell joined the synagogue from one of South Africa’s largest Progressive Reform Jewish congregation (600 members), the Bet David Synagogue in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Founded in 1949, The Wimbledon Synagogue draws its 850 members from across South West London, Surrey and beyond. A vibrant and welcoming community, Wimbledon Synagogue is a member of the Movement for Reform Judaism and is home to a cosmopolitan & diverse membership which also boasts one of the largest cheders with over 100 pupils.

Past and Present Rabbis of Wimbledon: Rabbi Avidan, Rabbi Schell, Rabbi, Rabbi Smith, Rabbi Hammond
*Photograph Credit: simonjoseph.com

The ceremony was conducted by emeritus Rabbi Anthony Hammond, readings and blessings were given by Rabbi Irit Shillor, Rabbi Hillel Avidan and Rabbi Daniel Smith. Rabbi Hammond, Rabbi, Smith, Rabbi Sheridan and Rabbi Avidan all took part in the honour of passing the torah scroll down to Rabbi Adrian Schell. Rabbi Schell said “I am honoured so many prestigious guests are here to witness my induction to The Wimbledon Synagogue. I have been truly blessed by the opportunity given to me to lead this congregation over the past few months and look forward to the next chapter of my rabbinic journey here. I was drawn to The Wimbledon Synagogue from the beginning as our shared values are reflected in our commitment to provide a welcoming Jewish home for all.”

Rabbi Schell & husband Dr Schell-Apacik.
*Photograph Credit: simonjoseph.com