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Adopt a Hostage: Segev Kalfon

Our community has joined the BOD initiative to “Adopt a Hostage.” Below you will find some information about Segev Kalfon, for whom we will reserve a chair in our synagogue until his safe return home. #BringThemHomeNow

Segev Kalfon has been held hostage in Gaza since 7 October 2023


Segev Kalfon

In the heart of a bustling music festival, tragedy struck. On October 7, 2023, the Supernova desert rave turned into a nightmare for 26-year-old Segev Kalfon. As the beat of the music pulsed through the crowd, Hamas terrorists descended upon the revellers, leaving chaos and devastation in their wake.

Segev attempted to flee, but fate intervened. The terrorists spotted him, and in that fateful moment, Segev became a hostage. His last communication with his family occurred at 8:04 a.m. that morning—a desperate message etched in uncertainty.

Segev’s life was one of contrasts. Hailing from Dimona, Israel, he worked in the family bakery, kneading dough and sharing laughter with customers. Yet he harboured dreams beyond the flour-dusted counters. Recently, he had shifted gears, immersing himself in the stock market—a world of numbers and possibilities. Segev was the middle child, sandwiched between an older brother and a younger sister. His friends knew him as the guy with a big heart, always ready to entertain and uplift. Segev’s 26th birthday fell on January 5, 2024, while he was still a hostage.

But now, Segev’s life hangs in the balance. The rhythm of music festivals was replaced by the silence of captivity. His family, desperate for answers, clings to hope. And in the United Kingdom, an initiative called “Adopt a Hostage” has emerged—a lifeline for families like Segev’s.

Adopt a Hostage: A Beacon of Support

The Jewish Board of Deputies in the United Kingdom spearheads the “Adopt a Hostage” campaign. Its purpose? To shine a spotlight on individual hostages still held captive by Hamas in Gaza. Synagogues and Jewish communities across the UK have rallied together, liaising with the hostages’ families. Their mission is twofold: to provide support and amplify the voices of the “adopted” captives. The initiative bridges geographical distances, weaving a safety net of compassion and solidarity.

Bring Them Home Now

For those seeking more information, the website serves as a repository of faces and names. Each click reveals a life interrupted, a family yearning for reunion. The stories are poignant reminders that behind the headlines and geopolitical complexities lie human beings—people with dreams, quirks, and loved ones waiting.
As the days stretch into months, we echo the rallying cry: Bring Them Home Now! Let Segev Kalfon’s name resonate not only in the desolate corridors of captivity but also in the hearts of those who refuse to forget.
Together, we stand—a global chorus demanding freedom, compassion, and justice. And perhaps, one day soon, Segev will step out of the shadows and into the embrace of loved ones, his heartbeat in sync with the rhythm of life once more.

What we can do is what you can do.

We will reserve a seat for Segev in the synagogue and at our tables when we come together. We remember Segev in our prayers as an individual as well as part of the collective group of hostages. Each hostage is an individual and each hostage must not be forgotten. Segev’s Hebrew name is Segev Ben Galit (שגב בן גלית).

As you can appreciate, this is a very difficult time for members of Segev’s family, and they might not have the emotional capacity to speak to communities. A suggestion could be to write/email letters to the family, expressing your support, solidarity, etc., and telling them about this campaign. I will arrange for any such letters/emails to be forwarded to the family.

The BOD is also asking synagogue members to write to/email their local MPs to raise awareness of the hostages.

Whatever you decide to do, thank you in advance for your support for Segev and his family. May he and all the hostages taken by the Hamas return home safely.


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Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Adrian M. Schell