Care Group

The Care Group consists of a group of people, all of whom in some way, are involved in the caring side of the community. This might mean visiting the housebound, sick or elderly, sending cards to people in hospital or who are ill at home, offering lifts to services or activities, helping out with shopping or hospital visits etc. We also aim to provide home cooked meals, stored in the Synagogue freezer to offer individuals or families in times of crisis.

We meet as a team about three or four times a year, and communicate constantly with each other about any issue that arises in the community. Our members have been trained in communication skills and bereavement issues.

We really do appreciate it when we are told if someone in the community is in trouble so that we can offer some help. We are aware that not everyone wants help and support from the Synagogue and we respect confidentiality.

We would welcome anyone who would be interested in joining the Care Group. Please contact Hilary Leek on  02089463161.


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