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B’ruchim HaBa’im

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Welcome to The Wimbledon Synagogue

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    The Wimbledon Synagogue is pleased to welcome all of our community back to services in the synagogue – on both Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and all festivals.

The Wimbledon Synagogue is a sacred community which recognises that every individual is created “Bezelem Elohim” – in the image of God. Inspired by the tenets of Reform Judaism, we are a place of Jewish worship, learning and assembly; a gathering place to promote the spiritual and educational welfare of our members in a non-judgemental environment. Our focus is to build a caring inclusive community in the South of London, designed to welcome individuals and families of various Jewish lifestyles, family structures and needs.

To join the service on line, please use the following link: http://tiny.cc/WS-YT or look for the Wimbledon Synagogue Community YouTube Channel on your device.

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There are lots of different aspects to our community, but for many of us it is our spirituality that defines and binds us as Jews.  To find out more about The Wimbledon Synagogue and worship contact the office.

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The Wimbledon Synagogue Cheder (Hebrew for Room), aims to provide a caring environment for the children of the community in which to learn together and make new friends.
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